Curriculum Vitae

Positions Held

Internship with Google
For Google Munich, June 2008–September 2008. I worked within the Google Finance team, and within that on the Finance OneBox – a special search result that shows current stock prices (example). My project consisted of improving this OneBox in two ways: First, I improved the algorithm that determines when a Finance OneBox is triggered. And second, I wrote a tool that verifies that for all stocks all finance links listed in the corresponding OneBox are correct. Indeed, some links for less common stocks were fixed in the process.
During my time at Google, I also took part in a gadget competition, which my team won. I was awarded two peer rewards, which is a way for co-workers to show thanks for special commitment.
Student representation
For Exeter College, University of Oxford; 2008–09. As MCR President I was part of the governing body of Exeter College and Oxford University, acting as a representative for the graduate student body. I also lead the MCR’s executive committee. Unpaid office by election.
For Exeter College, University of Oxford; 2006–08. As MCR IT officer I designed and managed the website, administered its mailing list, and represented the graduate student body at the college’s IT meetings. Unpaid office by election.
Web design and maintenance
For Exeter College, University of Oxford; May 2007–October 2007. Over the summer months, I was responsible for updating the college’s main website and alumni website.
For Wearfair; July 2007. I redesigned, introducing three different seasonal themes. Furthermore I suggested important changes to the structure of the site, and pointed out confusing data and missing components.
Mentoring a Dyspraxic student
for Disability Office, University of Oxford, October 2006–March 2007.
I helped the student organise his studies, learn mathematical thinking and proof writing. After half a year of frequent meetings, we felt he had improved substantially and could now work independently.
Translations from German to English
for HvS-Consulting GmbH, throughout 2006.
Texts included a Security Awareness Tool, parts of the website and penetration test reports. Usually there is a 48-hour deadline on the penetration test reports and they contain highly confidential data. The combination of reliability, strong language skills and my Computer Science background qualify me specially for this work.
Translation, price analysis and recruitment
for Im-Press Germany, September 2003, January 2004, February 2004.
I first recruited potential franchisees at fairs. Having proved reliable I analyzed price-performance ratios for both buying and sales, and selected prominent examples of bargains to appear in advertisements. I finally translated a technical handbook from English to German, being a perfect match for the job due to my strong language skills and already having gotten aquainted with the business.
Ciphering of patient records
for BFW Michaleshoven, January 2004, April 2004.
This consisted of summarising medical records and then enciphering and digitising them, as required by German law.